Friday, July 31, 2009

Bill Gates = George Wickham!

I was repairing my computer at home and Microsoft Office gave me the headache of my life.

I sometimes get very annoyed that these software giants put out new versions every year with a slight difference and make the good old honest versions I spent thousands of dollars to buy useless in no time.

What is the purpose of this rant? I'm imagining Bill Gates as George Wickham right now. Haha, I can give him the worse possible endings in my creative world. I had turned Mr. Wickham into a woman, made him a sex toy for old ugly women in my stories before. The list goes on and on...

Who is your villain lately?

Photo from BBC and itech talk


  1. I love the idea... But who my villain er my boss because we never got our pay rise and the company has made a forture in these tough times.

  2. LOL, Jarmara, do your boss look like Bill Gates too?