Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super heroine, a flop or a blessing?

Earlier I talked about the most popular baby names in 2009 in New South Wales in Australia. I read another wrap up talking about some of the biggest flops in movies. The website said Catwoman by Halle Berry was one of the box office disasters.

It concluded rather harshly that movies with superheroines wouldn't sell.

I for one don't agree. I like to read stories with a strong heroine. And I have created stories with superheroine.

For example in my first novel In Quest of Theta Magic, Elana Bailey has eagle sight and can see many times farther than human.

In my latest novel Really Angelic, Elizabeth is a special kind of guardian angel.

But both of them manage to find their love in the novels. Perhaps Catwoman needs a happily ever after to make it works.

Photo from wikipedia

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