Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where did the i-pill come from?

Since the publication of Bargain with the Devil, the sales of my first book In Quest of Theta Magic also increases.

I didn’t do a book tour for Theta. But maybe I should try to blog more about it here.

Theta is a futuristic romance. I can write whatever I like, without reference to historical or scientific accuracy. One of the most outrageous plot devices I had in In Quest of Theta Magic was the i-pill.

I won’t tell you what the i-pill is but when I first published the story in serialized format, readers were commenting hotly about this i-pill and what it could do to women. One writer even used it in her short story.

As to how I came up with the idea of this i-pill? I’m a very impatient author and reader. I think I invented it to hasten the story.

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