Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strip maze

I'm trying to organise a blog book tour for Bargain with the Devil and just learned a good idea from the yahoo group I'm a member of.

It's to come up with keywords from my book and try to find blogs that may be related to them. I've come up with 31 keywords so far. Let start with the first one: MAZE.

In the book the devilish Mr. Darcy asked for a piece of clothing from Elizabeth Bennet for every turn he took to take her out of the maze in Pemberley.

When the book passed through the editor Judith, she said I had to be specific with the trees that were used in a maze in Derbyshire.

Luckily I had Lynne's help. She lives in Derbyshire and excels in research. She suggested blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel and Boxwood (or Buxwood). I have decided to use Buxwood.

Photo from Cedar Creek Gardens

This one looks a bit too low for a strip maze game though!

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